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Technical Support / Customer Support
Tel: 65-6244-7866
Email: csc@1-net.com.sg

Sales Enquiry
Tel: 65-6244-7888
Email: sales@1-net.com.sg

Service Request Form

For 1-Net customers who have been issued with an access account to 1-Net Customer Portal, please submit the following service requests online at www.1-net.com.sg/support_customer_portal.shtml.

  1. IP Address
  2. Domain Entries Record
  3. Authorized Person Access List
  4. Ad Hoc Authorized Person Access List
  5. Hosting

Please contact us if you wish to make any enquires and/ or request for access.

Kindly note that Microsoft® Office 2007/2010 or Microsoft® Office 2007 Compatibility Pack is required to view the Service Requests Forms.

A. Forms for 1-Net Services
Master Forms (Except for Wireline)
QP06-03 - Service Application Cover Page

1. Please download the appropriate master forms above.
2. Follow the references specified in the master form to download the correct service form.

Please note:
1. QP06-03 - Service Application Cover Page is required to apply for new services.

General / Shared Service
QP06-23 - IP Address Form
QP06-25 - Domain Entries Form
QP06-26 - Domain Name Form

Internet Bandwidth
QP06-27 - IP Internet Bandwidth Form

Managed Services
QP06-12 - MSS Change Request Form
QP06-13 - MMS Dedicated Form
QP06-14 - MSS Premier Form
QP06-15 - MSS Basic Form
QP06-19 - Managed Services Form
B. Data Centre Services
C. Miscellaneous / Others