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Media Delivery SolutionS // Services

NETtv: A Total Approach to Event Webcast

In a fast evolving business environment where the ability to communicate makes all the difference between success and failure, 1-Net responds with timely solutions targeted at corporations aiming to stand out among the competition.

NETtv is an integrated, complete suite of media delivery solutions developed to meet the growing need for high quality webcasts on the web and mobile phones. With the increasing demand for speed, precision and reliability in communications, webcasting has become a popular alternative media for various applications including financial reporting, corporate event, product launch, seminars, etc. Whether live or on-demand, webcasting demands flawless delivery in order to achieve maximum impact, and it is precisely to meet this challenge that NETtv has integrated solutions and expertise to reach the highest standards of excellence.

NETtv value-added services include the followings:

  • Webcast Microsite Management
  • Content Encoding
  • Webcast Publicity
  • Event Production
  • Post-Editing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Satellite and Microwave Signal Acquisition and Transmission
  • Content Delivery Network for Website and Media Distribution

NexMedia: The Preferred Platform for Digital Rich Media Content Hosting & Delivery

In line with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s (IDA) vision to develop Singapore into a global Digital Assets Marketplace, NexMedia is a multi-platform assets management and distribution system which will reach out to local, regional and the global audience. It provides an integrated service that enables one stop convenience for buyers and sellers in trading and managing digital media content distribution across multiple platforms.

NexMedia’s value-added services include the followings:

  • Content Digitization and Transcoding
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Rights Management and Licensing Control
  • Rich Media Content Streaming and Downloads with integrated CDN solutions
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Ad-insertion and Management
  • Shopping Cart, Subscription Management, Billing Engine, Payment Gateway