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Data Center Services // Managed Services

"Do more with less" is the corporate mantra these days. Engage our professionals to help stretch that dollar of yours.

Why Outsource? A logical decision! Protection against technological obsolescence, ease of upgrade & patch management allows customers to focus on their core competency as well as unique business applications and minimum upfront investment. Simply subscribe based on needs.

Amongst the many cost-cutting measures companies implement in times of need or after the regular budget review, IT outsourcing still remain one of the most viable option to go with. From OS management, system monitoring, firewall management to email provisioning, let 1-Net astound you with the level of IT skill set, service level commitment and cost effectiveness.  As a trusted IT partner, we simply believe that you deserve the same or even better when you place your infrastructure under our care. Yes, you CAN do more with less.

Conforming to industrial standards in IT Service Management, 1-Net is capable of professionally monitoring and managing the essential infrastructure components such as CPU, disk space, memory utilization, backup jobs, firewall, IDS/IPS and even hosted MS Exchange. For monitoring services, alerts and escalations are raised once pre-set thresholds are reached. 1-Net’s Managed Services ensure that your IT services are professionally managed and are backed up by clearly defined and measurable service agreements. We provide server support, as well as remote hands, media management and secure offsite storage capabilities to administer and safeguard your data. As a recognized and well established service provider 1-Net brings the experience and knowledge to effectively manage your IT assets. We have deployed the latest system and management tools and our dedicated services professionals continually refine our service delivery methodologies and processes to ensure that we are at the forefront of service delivery innovation and proficiency.


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