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Data Center Services // HOSTING

"Looking for a secure, scalable and energy-efficient environment to grow your business infrastructure? Then, it has to be here in 1-Net."

High availability is the keyword of our data centre to ensure that your mission-critical operations will always run regardless of critical situation that may occur. All critical facility operations are constantly monitored through our sophisticated monitoring system to ensure the highest standards of reliability and availability. Our data centre is especially designed in such a way that regular equipment and system maintenance can be carried out without causing interruption to your business-critical systems and operations.

Physical Infrastructure

Our Internet Data Center is built on raised floor space in an enclosed and secured room where you can install and operate your server hardware and network equipment.

Security Control System

Our stringent security policies ensure that only authorized staffs and customer representatives are allowed to access the restricted areas. Security personnel are all equip and well trained with our security policy. Perform regular building & environmental monitoring.

Power Supply System

Our Power supply system is designed & carried out in accordance with the relevant Singapore regulatory requirements. The Power supply system, backed by UPS and generator, provides redundant continuous and seamless power to the equipment. Redundant UPS systems are designed to support customer requirements.


Standard rack comes with detachable metal side panels; single, swing-open metal lockable rear door; and single, swing-open lockable glass front door. It has 2 independent power strips connected to two independent UPS power sources. Each power strip is protected with separate MCB and ELCB for fault isolation and added protection in the case of a power trip on one of the feed. Our standard rack is equipped with two fixed equipment trays and dual roof-mounted exhaust fans for forced cooling.

Environmental Control System

Most optimum and stable operating environment are achieved through lighting, temperature and humidity monitoring and control.

Fire Detection and Suppression System

Fire Detection system is designed to provide early warning and isolation of potential fire hazards that may be disastrous to Customer's system. In the unlikely event of fire, the dual Fire Suppression system will kick in to put out the fire with minimal damage to the systems. Early detection of any possible hazard is extremely important to prevent a minor hazard from escalating into a disaster.

24 x 7 Customer Support Centre

With our Centre for operational, monitoring and support, you can be assured that your system is monitored and looked after round the clock. We provide 24x7 advanced monitoring services tailored to your requirement. With the right tools and skills, our engineers can effectively deliver operational and monitoring tasks and proactively notify customer for any incident that needs immediate attention.

Structured Cabling System

Structured Cabling System provides interconnect service to customers located in Private Suites and Co-location Server Farms. This is the most cost effective and efficient connectivity solution for interconnecting with each other and with network service providers, using industrial standard structured cabling systems.


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