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Technical Support / Customer Support
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Sales Enquiry
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Data Center Services // Connectivity Services

Today's demanding environment has raised the bar for connectivity and 1-Net rises to the challenge by providing high quality, cost effective and scalable solutions. In real terms, this means unrivalled online access to major telcos, ISPs, hosting service providers, government offices, statutory boards,
educational and research institutes, financial institutions and many MNCs. Using multiple upstream providers, 1-Net offers multi-homed bandwidth for high availability and cable redundancy. Over and
above excellent connectivity,

Access Service

  • Data Center Connectivity
  • Local Leased circuits
  • Meg@POP leased circuits
  • Ethernet Point-to-Point Leased Circuits
  • Metro-Ethernet leased circuits
  • NGNBN fibers

IP Transit

  • ¬†Undifferentiated Internet Bandwidth