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Technical Support / Customer Support
Tel: 65-6244-7866
Email: csc@1-net.com.sg

Sales Enquiry
Tel: 65-6244-7888
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Data Center Services // Connectivity Services
  • Multiple Upstream Providers: Connection to multiple upstream providers enables 1-Net to offer multi-homed bandwidth for high availability and cable redundancy.
  • Scalable Bandwidth: 1-Net network is directly connects to 1-Net own Broadband Exchange, with multiple Gigabit of broadband bandwidth, allows servers a lot of headroom to scale especially to serve local broadband users.
  • Undifferentiated Bandwidth: 1-Net offers highly flexible bandwidth options. Bandwidth configuration can be customized to fit exact requirements.
  • Active Network Monitoring: 1-Net is committed to 24x7x365 monitoring from our Network Operations Centre by a team of trained and qualify engineers. Should any problem arise, an alert will be sent and fault resolution acted upon immediately so as to minimize any down time.
  • High Quality Service: A maximum of 99.9% SLA.